Wednesday, 14 April 2021

My Blog Profile

My name is Andreaus and I am 9 years old, I go to saint patricks school, I am a year 5 in
room 6. My culture is Samoan, My favourite subject is math, My favourite hobbies are soccer and playing sumdog and My favourite animal is a Peregrine Falcon. My goals are to be a very skilled soccer player and to play Rugby

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chicks at Saint Patrick's

Last  Tuesday Jo came to our class and gave us the biggest

surprise. She let us keep  the eggs in our room. There

were eleven  altogether and after they hatched there were 

two girls and nine boys.

It felt weird when I felt their webbed feet - they were tough 

and strong. When they were a bit older one pecked at my 

finger but I did not feel anything painful.

Daniel took the chicks home for the weekend and he had to 

clean the brooder and make sure they had food and water.

Today when the chicks left with Jo again, I was sad.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The "word Fairies " visit Rm 6

 Yesterday Mrs Kearns and her friend Carol from the  Pakuranga Rotary  Club came to Rm 6 .

They have  been visiting St Patrick's  for 10 years. They gave all the Year 4's a brand new dictionary. Last year, 20,000 children in NZ, Tonga and Samoa  received a Dictionary. i feel special to have my own dictionary.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Best Day of My Life

                                        The Best Day of my life.

Last term on the 9th August I celebrated my First Holy Communion with nineteen other children. We had it at our church at St Patrick’s.

Before the day we had lots of lessons with Father Andrew. They were on a Saturday afternoon in the church. After that we attended church. We did eight lessons and then Father said we were ready.

One day after school, aunty took me to Otahuhu to a big shop. We were going to look for something for me to wear. I saw heaps of good clothes that I could choose. Finally I found a black lavalava and a traditional Samoan shirt. I was so happy and excited to try them on. 

On Communion Day I woke up very early because I had one more lesson to go to. I got dressed and went to the church. All my friends were there and we were chatting and laughing together.

During the service I felt very special and I think it will be a day I remember forever. 




Wednesday, 23 September 2020

My Whakapapa Story. By Andreaus

My Whakapapa Story My name is Andreaus and I am Samoan and I am writing about my whakapapa. My dad is silly and funny sometimes. My mum is always happy and sometimes gets mad. When I try to cheer her up she hugs me. My mum stays at home looking after my brothers and my sister. On top of my picture is a blue line that's my two grandmas who have died. The three green korus are my mum and my dad and my sister Nikita. I am next followed by my little siblings. I drew my red heart to represent the people who have died in my family. RIP .

Thursday, 28 February 2019